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This lovely Boerewors spice with notes of coriander, nutmeg, coarse black pepper, salt, Stock granules (Soya), Wheat(gluten), vegetable powder (onion, garlic), herbs and spices, maize starch, a hint of brown sugar, Beef based flavourings and that all important worcester sauce!

How to use:

30 kilogram minced meat

2 kg (2 litres) of ice water

1.1 kg pack of SA Boerewors with Worcester Sauce


Stock granules (Soya), Salt, Wheat(gluten), Flavour enhancer(E631,E621,E627), Flavouring,Irradiated dehydrated Irradiated vegetable powder(onion,garlic), Irradiated herbs and spices,maize,Sugar, Flavourings (Soya, Egg), Vegetable oil (sunflower seeds),Spice extracts,Food color (E155,E150C,E153), Anti caking agent (E551)

ALLERGENS: Not suitable for persons with gluten,soya,egg and milk allergies.



SA Boerewors with Worcester Sauce 1.1 kg
GBP £ 12.99

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