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Crown National Meister Club Citrus Rub  is an aromatic rub to add a delicate and subtle taste to smoked meat cooked low and slow

Crown National So Good Chicken Spice is a popular spice used for cooking, frying and BBQ chicken.  Lovely BBQ notes and a dash of cayanne pepper.

Crown National Oh So Good Beef Seasoning with delicious notes of spices that can be used to make a great Beef Stew, Meat and Vegetable Stew and Irish Stew

Crown National So Good Medium Curry is a wonderful curry packed with flavour for use with any meat.  You will not be disappointed.  Use to taste.

Crown National So Good Red Curry is a hotter Durban Style Curry with fried onions for an aromatic, spicy finish! Great for Biryani, Beef Curry, Mutton Curry, Thai Curry and Chilli Con Carne.

Crown National So Good Yellow Malay Curry is a milder Indian curry flavoured with Masala mix from the famous Durban ("Renowned for South Indian Curry") 

Crown National Honey & Pinapple Glaze

This stunning glaze with fruity pineapple and sticky honey is great for pork, gammon and ham, cooked low and slow

Crown National So Good Roasted Vegetable Sprinkle  mix with red bell peppers, onion, garlic and herbs. Use it on meat, chicken, fish or vegetables.

Crown National So Good Chicken Spice is a popular spice used for roast chicken and rotisserie chicken.

Crown National Oh So Good Range Salt & Vinegar has a sharp taste of salt and vinegar combined; great on chips, baked potatoes, wedges, salads and seafood.

A scrumptious Seasoning for optimal taste.
Used in: Oxtail stew, Vegetable Style Potjie, Minestrone Soup, Lamb Potjie, Beef Potjie or Any stew you would like to cook.

Crown National Biltong spices, with its beefy and coriander notes, is great for braais, potjies and stews. It produces the perfect mild old-fashioned biltong blend.

Crown National Chakalaka spices is tangy and zesty with chilli, cumin, garlic, onion, black pepper and sweet bell peppers.

Crown National Six Gun Grill spices is a well balanced blend, containing celery, onion, paprika, cumin and cayenne pepper. Ideal for grilled beef, chicken, lamb as well as mince and stews.

Crown National Sweet chilli spices is sweet with red peppers, a touch of Birds Eye Chilli and paprika for colour.

Crown National Texan Steak spices with  a slightly sweet and slightly aromatic flavour; perfect for steaks and meat on the grill.

South African Spices available in UK!!

We have a wide variety of seasoning and these are available in various sizes. 

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Crown National Spices like  Chakalaka, BBQ  King, BBQ fiesta, Braai  Spice, Six gun grill, Texan steak, Potjiekos  are very popular choices for a BBQ or a braai or various Durban Style Curries for a lekker "bunny chow" as people like to say in South Africa. All our seasonings are very versatile can be used to spruce up any dish.  Chakalaka spices is a fantastic choice if you want flavour and depth.  Steak and Chops spices says it in the name, get your chops on the braai. Safari Biltong Spice is available for those making their own.  Be adventurous and try some out, you won't be disappointed, you will come back to try out more because "local is lekker"!

Crown National Gourmet universal sprinkle is perfect for any meat, fish or vegetable dish. It is wonderful on potatoes too.

Crown National Braai spices, adds a lot of flavour to your braai meat, spicy with a peppery bite, perfect for any braai or bbq occasion.

Crown National Piri Piri Hot spices  is a spicey number made from African Birds eye chilli. So if you after that extra kick then look no further. 

This Crown National BBQ spices has an added strong garlic flavour which is perfect for the garlic lover.

Crown National Spice-O-Mat spices is an aromatic spice blend that can be added to all your culinary favourites.

Crown National BBQ Fiesta spices. A well balanced BBQ seasoning. This popular BBQ is used as a sprinkle over all meat cuts and chicken.